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Security Clearance: 

 (Case 23463) directing purchase of Lot 1307 from (?) Auction House on (Tuesday)

Ancient Treasure

 Treasure was found and ascertained to be safely guarded, to remain in its current location.

Close Date: 
June 7 , 1888 (6 weeks total)

Upon requesting translation we were introduced to Aluminum.  The note reads as follows:

Lot 1307 needs to be purchased in the case of my death. It holds a vital clue. (date for Tuesday next)

~ Master of the dark Arts

Fortuitously, it was the date referenced on the note, so we did not miss the auction. We proceeded to (gentry section of town) and to the auction house.  A look at the catalog revealed that Lot 1307 is a small statuette depicting two nights on a single horse, which started at a bid of 50 pounds.  A bit of history recollection reminded us that this is an emblem of the Templars.  We were able to acquire the item, but were attacked while leaving.  Although we were able to contain the event to the storage area, instead of the lobby, thus limiting the visibility of Lord Criton in his altered state, there was a bit of damage done to the inventory of the auction house.  The statuette was broken during the fighting and contained an ancient marble shaped lens. The lens displayed the photograph quality image of a temple, but the age of it goes counter to the technology being emulated.  The image shows a temple with Ibis-headed mummies and a small tower in ruins in the background.

Please ensure that I, Lady Belinda, have an alibi for that time period to counter the fact that I had to use my real identity due to the haste that was a result of the timing of when the note was read.

Location: Cairo, Egypt

We met our contact, Artemis, at the local office, above a legal office. Artemis is a historian with a grand library. He is able to direct us to a location in the far reaches of the desert. We flew out the next day and arrived at dusk.  The ruins have a mix of ancient pharaoh era and early Muslim periods in building styles. We were attacked in the night by a group of Bedouins, but we … took care of the issue. A temple rose out of the dawning light, guiding us to a location with figures to match the one on the case we had acquired at the auction. Upon descending into the ruins, we find golden sarcophagi and the phrase “Let the returned Eye be your passage to safety.” We were able to acquire a scroll and dealt with a group of Chec pirates.  They took Artemis, but we were able to get away, even surviving a sand storm. (Figures)

Location: France

 Via the scroll we then proceeded to a French castle dedicated to “Our Lady”.  There we met De Moley, one of the last Templars of the area. We were able to acquire an amulet that points to a land of Fire and Ice and references a key to guard a great secret. Once again we ran into those that wished to interfere with our mission.  For their assistance with dealing with the troublemakers, we gave the resulting airship to the Templars.  They informed us of Artemis’ whereabouts.

Location: French-Italian border

We proceeded to rescue Artemis from a super train, running into our nemesis, the clockwork men.  We are able to get away, thanks to Master Wayne’s gadgetry.

Location: Iceland Airfields

After we recovered Artemis from the Chec’s, what a wild ride that was, we returned him to his residence and proceeded to Iceland.  We saw the Morningstar airship again en route.  It seems that they have bases in Iceland and Greenland. During the travels Wayne met a young lady, Kamila Throdrichsdottir. They seemed to hit it off fabulously.

Aluminium runs into an old friend, Siebold, who owns an ornithopter. Siebold is a strange fellow and his vehicle is even stranger.  It runs just fine, but sounds terrible.  We were able to obtain his services for transportation to the mountain side whose image is on the amulet.  The mountain vicinity is surrounded by Morningstar experimental stations, which includes demon summoning circles.

The mountain contains a hidden, underground fort made of ice and stone.  Within reside a Templar army over 400 strong, guarding the ancient treasure. Only a few maintain the seeming of life. This is the most recent (relatively speaking) location for Templar internment. We had tea and prayers with Sir. Richard, who looks very good for his age.  He showed us the treasure therein, so I can confirm what is there: The Library of Alexandria. We survived traveling through the snow storm, as you can see, and traveled back to France.

Location: France

Assisted Msr. De Moley with the retention of his airship and the delivery the message and package entrusted to me by Msr. Richard.  We explained to direction to the Templar stronghold, as well as the dangers of the area.  In return, Ms. De Moley returned us to London, England.



Case 23643 – Security Clearance Beta

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