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Strange occurrence of the Disappearing Scarecrows

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Security Clearance: 

 Scarecrow disappearances in multiple Welsh towns during the full moon. 

Child Prank

Formerly executed warlock returned to reanimate the scarecrows and create zombies from the local animals and people.  Spell was destroyed.

Abersoch, Wales
Farmhouse, Abersoch, Wales
Airport, Abersoch, Wales
Close Date: 
April 24, 1888

We proceeded to Wales to investigate the reports of missing scarecrows.  We found that Edward’s estate was won in a game of chance and he has resumed farming the land.  Historically, the land was once a place where a warlock was burned to death.

Where others have lost a scarecrow or two, Henry has lost all of his. Edward’s scarecrows were older and different than the others in the area. Traditional ones in Abersoch had heads made of dried gourds. Those in Bala had heads made from sacks. Local tradition states that each family brings one scarecrow to the town celebration in Abersoch. It seems that something had animated the local scarecrows. We were able to destroy most of the scarecrows that attacked us the next night, although one slipped away.  Lord Chriton tracked it down through the coast, thanks to Lord Eggerton’s submersible, and across land to a farmhouse containing many scarecrows and zombies.  While the rest of the team will insist there were also zombified sheep grazing under the water, they are mistaken.  Lost sheep had fallen into the water, where the current was moving the bodies to and fro.  Do not be misguided by their flights of fantasy

Location: Farmhouse, Abersoch, Wales

We almost lost Master Wayne and Lord Criton, which resulted in a needed retreat to regroup and heal.  Upon returning to the farmhouse, we were attacked by many different types of zombies, including those from the taxidermy shed.  We were able to resolve their issues with dying and in the process we destroyed the spell that was reanimating the local animal life.  Since we saw smoke in the distance, we went to investigate.  This is the same direction that the last scarecrow fled.

Location: Airport, Abersoch, Wales

There were balloons floating into the air coming from a local ornithopter hanger. Suspended from them were vials containing strange powders.  Through a curious happenstance, we were able to discover that the powder can alter the makeup of plants to become carnivorous.  In the process of taking out the animal and man eating assimilating plant creature, the rest of the team sustained damage in the process. We saw a motorcycle with a side car fleeing  the area toward an ornithopter. In taking out the last scarecrow, we spotted clockwork men inside the ornithopter. A few well-placed pullets and an attempt to drive the limo onto the vehicle convinced them that somewhere else was a better place to be.  We recovered a case containing a book of strange script and the index and forefinger made of stone. These we returned to London with as the original case was resolved with the defeat of the last scarecrow.


Case 23432 – Security Clearance Omega

Case 23644 – Security Clearance Omega