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Tier 0mega - Savage Worlds Steampunk RPG

From the shadows steps a tall figure in a tailcoat and well fitted pants. As he passes a lady on the street he taps his cane to his top hat in acknowledgment. Once fully past the lady, our tall fellow spins around, pulling his sword from the cane shaft, and plunges the blade between her shoulder blades. The svelt figure starts and her scream turns into a yowl. Before the gentleman the svelt figure expands, the clothing parts, and before him stands a werewolf. After a few minutes of battle, the gentleman stands victorious over his fallen foe. As he gazes down upon the furred form it slowly transforms back to a feminine figure, sweet upon the eyes, but for the slashes and bloody strikes that mar its body.

The concept... We are a role-play gaming group based in Starkville, Mississippi. This site is used for our Savage Worlds campaign that is running with a base of the Gaslight world of Victorian England and interspersing some form the Rippers setting and a splash of Steampunk. We have the grace of the author to utilize the concept of "the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences" as we are free gathering just having some fun. Although we will be drawing ideas from different sources, it is meant as an honor to the authors and not to steal from them.

The Story So Far

Our Heroes, in a desperate attempt to save Her Majesties State Secrets and a Royal Air Vessel, flew through enemy artillery cannon fire to rescue the stricken ship. 

After experiencing withering Steam Gatling Cannon fire, Nathanial boarded one of the four enemy vessels in a desperate attempt to take it over. 

The Devastation progressed in short order to the next enemy vessel, only to come under the attack of 88mm artillery cannon.  Simon boarded this enemy vessel in accordance with Wayne’s (insane/brilliant) plan to save the stricken Royal Air Vessel. 

The Devastation received further blistering attacks of multiple Steam Gattlening Cannon and another 88mm blast through her Ornithopter Bay.  After having taken extensive damage to her nose, crew compartment and cargo hold, only the masterful piloting of Allenia Amelis Ashmore has kept the Devastation, (a name she has repeatedly earned by our hero’s treatment of her) from falling out of the sky. 

Our Heroes managed to convince some the would be Air Pirates to run after the loss of several crew at the hand of our team and the precision use of Simons’ Armor Piercing Rifle in the Hands of Lady Belinda to reap havoc in the engine compartments of the two lead enemy vessels.    

The Devastation is at present nose up, staying in the air by the might of her super charged engines and the whiles of her august pilot.  She balances next to a 800,000 ton Royal Air Vessel that has lost all its lift gas and half the enemy ships that where lifting it to the height of 8,000 ft.

  • Can two enemy ships hold up the behemoth Royal Air Vessel?
  • Will Allenia Amelis Ashmore manage to descend safely balancing Devastation in such a precarious way?
  • Will the crew of the Devastation manage to save the 60 souls aboard her sister ship?
  • Can they save Her Majesty's secrets from capture or destruction?

The Team was tasked for convoy duty to protect the new communications replacement to the Ahaggar Mountains Emplacement in the Sahara Desert.  Three Days into the deep desert, the team was tracked by 6 airships.  These ships flew escort leading the team into a trap.  In short order the airship carrying state secrets was attacked, harpooned (like a wale) and suspended from falling the 3,000 ft to the ground.

  • What will the team do next?  
  • Will they save the crew of the stricken vessel? 
  • Can they save the vital communications equipment? 
  • Will they make it out of French held territory without another international incident? 
  • Will they even make it out alive?