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The Lair


Gabriel & Marco have a lair in Raleigh, the bad part of town. It is a back ally place that has been reworked. The ground floor is the garage, the basement is the armory, and the first floor is has living quarters. It is from here that Marco and Gabe fight crime. 
The garage contains 2 WWII Era BMW R75 Motorbikes that have been rebuilt from old parts or milled parts from specifications fed into the CNC. The wiring specifications where upgraded and the overall look of the bike has been “trashed” to make them look like beater bikes. Think a few dents in the Kevlar lined fuel tanks and a layer of navy blue under mat primer gray of a few different shades. Both bikes have optional side cars, but the use of these would turn heads. There is also a nondescript mid-size van. (This is for moving the Team around in game.)
The garage is open for use by a pride of stray cats. In exchange for access to dry quarters and an auto-feeder, they keep the place free of vermin and report if someone enters the lair in Marco’s and Gabe’s absence.
The armory has been carefully stocked with items purchased in cash through straw buyers. The battle harnesses include armor to fit the animal forms of both Marco and himself. Along with these are military speck armor and weapons and such. 
--Living quarters
The living quarters have a common room with planning chalk painted walls, micro kitchen on one wall, a rack room with single beds for 4, a bathroom. MREs are stocked heavily as they require no refrigeration and have a long shelf life. There is also an extensive medical kit. There is a lair wide alarm system wired to the living quarters, which records disturbances and emails them to a drop account via cell network. These are checked periodically to assure the living quarters and armory and doors to the ground floor are not accessed.

The Idea: 

Its the bat cave and safe house!

The Aspect: 
Hidden Safty
Theme or Threat: