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Death Eaters, Dust, Data, And Disco Maidens

David Fri, 02/01/2013 - 19:43

The session started with the interrogation of the Ghoul was done in an abandoned building.  The Ghoul was revived with meat.  Given that Ghouls regenerate fully, the Ghoul was shot repeatedly to help in the interrogation by Gabriel.  After which he was returned with several sides of beef with the warning that we consider this no harm no foul, but if they come after the team in revenge it would be total war and another Ghoul population will be replacing them.  Have a nice Day.


  • Why are you working for the Amazons?  - They are not in particular they are the body clean up service for the city.  Just call Luther for a pickup.  They work for the White Court, the Red Court, the Back Court 0-3 in the city, the Mob, etc.
  • The Amazons showed up a few months ago in the city.


People Referenced: 
Luther - The Cleanup Service