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Egerton, Lord Lawrence Alexander - 4th Duke of Sutherland

admin Thu, 01/24/2013 - 21:26
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Lord holder and Adventurer
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A Life of Adventure Lawrence was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, growing up with every advantage and servants by the score (Edge: Noble/Rich). He was the oldest of 3 brothers. He received a very fine education and got to travel abroad with his family on holidays. After his first trip abroad, wanderlust settled into his soul and he lay awake nights dreaming of what mankind had yet to discover on this planet. From a very young age Lord Lawrence knew his destiny was to visit each continent, sail the seven seas and look upon sights few men dared imagine, much less behold in person. In addition to being first in line to inherit his father's wealth, lands, and title, Lawrence also inherited his family's tendency for robust health and virility (Edge: Brawny). Upon reaching the age of manhood, Lawrence was again blessed with an astounding opportunity, the opportunity to follow his dreams. His father, Lord Egerton, 3rd Duke of Sutherland was still an amazing man of sound health and intellectual acumen. Young Lawrence did not have to move straight into the business of being a Duke and managing his family's assets, rather he went abroad and had some quite amazing adventures. However, being a Lord Egerton, Lawrence never allowed himself to rest upon his laurels and past conquests, he was always seeking a new experience. As his traveling expenses mounted, his Father demanded Lawrence become more financially responsible. With all the will and tenacity of an Egerton, Lawrence vowed that he could conquer finance as easily as he climbed Everest. On trips to Africa, Lawrence found diamonds. On expeditions through the Amazon Lawrence found gold. While in Australia he set up large cattle ranches. In short, Lawrence created the Egerton Consortium, one of the largest commercial ventures in England.This vast consortium is linked by a private naval fleet that is almost beyond compare. The Egerton Consortium now deals in minerals, commodities, antiques, cattle, technology, and shipping on every continent in the known world (Edge: Filthy Rich). By the age of 43, Lord Lawrence had set foot on every continent and created a financial empire of almost unreal proportions. What was there left for Lawrence to do? Conquer the Sky! Using his vast wealth and contacts, he created one of the largest, most extravagant, highly advanced airships the world had ever seen - the Icarus. Lawrence would continue to improve upon his ship, one of the marvels of the world for the next 15 years. All the while flying from continent to continent, having the most amazing adventures and accomplishing feats most astounding. During his life, Lawrence, with the help of his hand picked and veteran crew, has hunted lions in Africa, wrestled alligators in Louisiana, meditated with monks in Nepal, climbed Everest, and dined on blow fish in Japan. Lawrence Today In his mid fifties, when there seemed to be no frontier left for Lawrence to conquer, he began giving speeches and writing books about his exploits. During one of his speeches, a fellow asked Lawrence had he ever seen the Loch Ness Monster. Passion sparked anew in Lawrence's heart, and he began searching out the strange and macabre to see if stories and legends were true. He has searched for Nessie, Yeti's and the Chupacabra. One of the wildest and most enigmatic creatures ever encountered by Lawrence is Ms. Lydia Sinclair, an American heiress and adventuress. Their paths have crossed on almost every continent. They have shared many meals, and occasionally, a bed. Lawrence loves her to distraction (Minor Hindrance: Love Denied??) and would give or do anything for her continuous affection. Alas, Ms. Sinclair seems untameable, flitting into and out of Lawrence's life without warning and a maddening frequency, or infrequency in Lawrence's opinion. While Hunting the Squid Another tragic event in Lawrence's life came when he almost lost his leg while hunting the giant squid. The squid got his beak into Lawrence's leg, and he nearly lost the limb (Hindrance: Lame). Undefeated however, that very same squid is now stuffed and mounted in the greatroom aboard the Icarus. Possibly fear of being submerged as a minor flaw? I know Lawrence wants to convert the Icarus to be submersible as well. That way he can go underwater and give those giant squid beasties a beating. He also wants lots of steel around him the next time he sees a giant squid.