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Linkwater, Lady Sabina

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Character Status: 
Wer-lynx of the European variety
Class / Occupation: 
Lady / Field Agent
Personnel Brief: 

Lady Sabina Linkwater is a hereditary werelynx, one of twins born to Viscount Torrington in 1855.  Due to her parents' mission from MI6 to liaison with the other wer-clans, Sabina and Micajah traveled extensively during their formative years.  They learned combat skills in Egypt and India, which gained them extensive skills in hunting and tracking. Then they started their social training with a trip through Europe. After her initial Season, Lady Sabina's heart was captured by Lord Gabriel Linkwater, younger son of Baron Linkwater.  At this time they have two children, who Lady Sabina will do everything in her power to protect.  This is why she presented herself at the MI7 London headquarters after the "weird" encroached too much on her family home and endangered her children.

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Name:  Lady Sabina Linkwater      Age: 25 years                   Height: 5’8”        Weight: 138 lbs

Nationality: British                            Breed: hereditary wer-lynx of the European variety

Hair: Long, wavy auburn hair with small streaks of pewter that peeks from the underside.

Eyes:  Amber with flecks of green.  They have the night glow of nocturnal predators in the dark.

Complexion: Creamy with a light smattering of “freckles” across her shoulders. The freckles are actually the lynx spots coming through. This is a trade mark of the hereditary werlynx clan.

1852-1858 (Pre-birth to 3 years old)

She was born in 1855 to Lord Ambrose le Bone, Viscount Torrington, and Lady Jessamine le Bone ne Daundelyon.  They returned from journeying in Egypt and India for Lady le Bone’s lying period after being part of Sir Richard Francis Burton’s exploration group.   In the couple of years prior to her birth, Sabina’s parents visited Cairo, Suez, Medina, and Mecca. While Sir Burton was there to explore new lands and was planning his expedition to find the source of the White Nile, the le Bones were there to learn more about the local flora and fauna, especially the local werecats.  They stayed in England until late in 1858 to allow Sabina and her twin brother Micajah (Cage) time to grow up and be old enough to travel with them.  During those first few years Sabina’s father spent time holding his seat in Parliament and making sure the family businesses were in order after their previous trip.  He also reported on the flora and fauna they researched while in Egypt and India.  This included a report to MI7 on the were-folk that the le Bones encountered while traveling.

1858-1865 (3 – 10 years old)

The family traveled to India and Egypt over the next seven years.  They continued their explorations and investigations into the local were-folk.  They made contact with members of the other greater and lesser were-cat clans, such as the swamp cats, sand cats, Bengal tigers, and the snow and clouded leopards.  Sabina’s favorite clan visit was with the Egyptian leopards as there were other cubs their age. Cage’s favorite animal to spend tie with was the Caracal, even though they were not clan cats. During that time Sabina and Cage started learning tracking and fighting skills.  These skills included katlaripayattu (martial arts) and the use of a kaduthala, a forward curved sword, while in India and stick fighting and the use of katar while in Egypt.  They were also tutored in the normal subjects of British history, romance languages, politics, and mathematics.  Cage excelled at the scholastic studies, while Sabina took to the physical arts.  Since Cage would inherit the title and land, Sabina worked toward learning the skills that would ensure her survival in the wild lands she enjoys.

1866-1872 (11 – 17 years old)

During the twin’s formative social years their parents returned to the continent and took them on a European tour.  It was interspersed with trips back to England and their home there.  The le Bones hired a household tutor for their children from India and Egypt to help keep them safe and continue their education in the skills they would need to survive in the wer-community.  Sabina and Cage met many families while on this trip, especially those with children of marriageable age.  Their parents were especially encouraging of spending time with the few other wer-lynx families they came across, as the wer-lynx population has been fairly small over the years in comparison to the larger cat clans.

1873-1875 (18 – 20 years old)

Viscount Torrington brought his family back to England in order to officially introduce their children to society.  Sabina’s stature and coloration made her a rather noticeable entrant into the marriage market. As they had just returned from their European tour, Sabina presented Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, with a Faberge egg instead of a bouquet of flowers.  During that whirlwind season Lord Gabriel Linkwater, younger son of Baron Linkwater, succeeded in courting Sabina and winning her heart.  To the relief of her parents, Gabriel was an aide with MI7 due to a close encounter with a ghost in the Linkwater family home.  While not a shifter himself, he understood the unique skills and issues that come with marrying into a werlynx family.  They were married at the Torrington estate on August 23rd, 1874.  Cage married Lady Rebecca Larresay, daughter of Viceroy William B. Larresay, the next year. He met Lady Rebecca while attending events with Sabina.  As their family had no known previous interaction with the stranger aspects of the current world, Cage took extra time to truly woo and win his lady’s love and understanding.  This is especially important due to the werlynx blood being a dominant trait.

1876-1880 (21 – 25 years old)

While Cage remained in England and took the reins from their father in the running of the land and businesses, Sabina and Gabriel traveled and introduced him to their extended family and society.  During this time Sabina gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Genevieve, in 1876.  Their son Nathanial’s birth followed a year later.  When Sabina took note that the amount of weird and dangerous in England was on the rise she presented herself at the MI7 offices.  She desires to ensure a safer place for her children to grow up in and has the skills to back up that desire.  Gabe backs up her decision and has taken on the education and care of their children whenever his wife’s work takes her out of town.  For the first few years she stayed closer to home utilizing her tracking skills to fulfill contracts to bring in new or rogue werecreatures and vampires.  At this time her children are at the family estate with her husband and bevy of caretakers, including the two gentlemen that trained her and her brother in martial arts and weapon skills.


Father: Lord Ambrose le Bone, Viscount Torrington

Mother: Lady Jessamine le Bone ne Daundelyon

Twin Brother: Micajah (Cage) – Married  September 1875)

Sister-in-law: Lady Rebecca Larresay, daughter of Viceroy William B. Larresay

Husband: Lord Gabriel Linkwater, younger son of Baron Linkwater – Married August 23rd, 1874

Daughter: Genevieve, 1876

Son:  Nathanial, 1877

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