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Maitland, Rodger

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Noble, Veteran Fighter, and Occult Investigator
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Birthed of nobility, Maitland lived a rather normal life for someone of his station before buying his commission in the Queens army. From childhood he has always shown a great interest in the weird and unexplained. He was a avid reader of such novelist as Jules Verne and Mary Shelley. A chance meeting with a young lad named Alister Crowley only furthered his desire to study the unknown. His father is a member of the House of Lords and has a long standing feud with fellow House of Lords member, Sir Harold Grimsley. Maitland was sent to Africa to take part in the Zulu Wars in 1879. He was one of only five officers who survived the Battle of Isandlwana. Included in the survivors was Enoch Grimsley, son to Lord Harold Grimsley. Despite the enmity between there families, both had to rely on each other to escape the massacre after the battle. During this escape, both men witnessed a Zulu shaman apparently raising from the dead slain Zulu warriors. Narrowly escaping with their lives, both men vowed to seek out the truths of the unknown no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, upon their return to England, old family rivalries renewed and it seems to Maitland that instead of trying to uncover the facts and defeat such evils he witnessed in Africa, Enoch has embraced these ideas and is attempting to draw power from such sources. The family feuds has reached a crescendo. Maitland is a natural born brawler. A touch of arrogance leads him to challenge a person for even the slightest perceived slight. Ultimately, he is passionate about uncovering and defeated the forces of evil. This, along with his experiences in the Zulu Wars, lead to his recruitment by MI-7. He is slowly learning to become a better investigator, but must overcome his venomous tongue and arrogant attitude if he is to help England rid itself of the horrors that seem to be increasing daily.