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Mikayla "Miki" Iris Bright

Anna Stratton Tue, 01/06/2015 - 18:33
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Blow Dart Brolly
Personnel Brief: 

Mikayla "Miki" Bright is a highly intellegent girl with absolutely no idea how to act in polite society. If allowed to dress freely, Miki would go with out peticoats 

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Interview For Employment Report

Name of Interviewer: Troutman, Russell Alexander.

Name of Subject: Bright, Mikayla Iris.

Date of birth: July 18 th 1860         Age: 20        

Place Of Birth: Australia, Queensland

Height: 5’7”    Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Light brown with sun highlights of blonde

Complexion: Darkened with deep tan

Eyes: Deep dark brown


Mother: Mary Fuller     

    Occupation: “Housewife”

Father: Robert Bright        

Occupation: Tribal Liaison for Queensland Government

**Note:  The mother’s last name is not a typo. Miss Bright is a child out of wedlock… along with her 3 younger and 3 older siblings…

**Note: It should also be noted that Robert Bright was a prisoner that escaped British custody after being transferred to the prison colony. He achieved his status today after living with savages for several years before returning to society. The skills he earned has served the empire since then and he has since been pardoned for his crimes.



    The subject gave alarming amount of stories about playing with the dangerous wildlife of the Australian Colonies. She also sites many natives as being playmates as well.

Subject states repeatedly that she felt “that all animals seem to like her.” Subject is responsible for raising a few orphaned animals in her youth, including a dog named “Nogum” that has become her pet and has traveled with her all the way to England.

By age 14, for example, she was “Milking” snakes and other venomous “Critters” for their venom in an effort to keep the animals from being killed for it.

Tribes that lived around her family are just like family to her. She knows many of the languages spoken around her hometown as well as the customs and cultures.

**Note: This is a key reason why she should be left to the Australian MI-7 branch. Seriously, what is she doing in London?


    University of Sydney- Degree in Chemistry

    Research Specialty in venoms-traveled around Australia collecting venom samples.

    Education before University seems to be completely self taught, as she only attended formal school a few times. She learned through “books, wildlife and experiments.”

**Note: The University of Sydney has attached a letter stating that due to Miss Bright’s gender and background, her attendance to their school was based solely on her competency as a scientist. Apparently, her admission to the school was conditional on her wearing the proper attire for a lady: “Left to her own devices, Ms. Bright has a hedonistic tendency to dress as if she were back among her natives and not a member of polite society.”  

Known associates:

    Except for family and her native contacts, Miss Bright seems to have only one known associate of any great importance in her life. Mr. Jermaine Cunninghame of New Zealand is a former classmate and current invention partner. According to Miss Bright, they met when Mr. Cunninghame was in danger of being dropped from his program. They made a wager that if he could build and improve upon the idea of a “Blow dart brolly” she would tutor him in chemistry so he could stay at the University. Since the successful build of the weapon, Mr. Cunninghame and Miss Bright have been developing and creating anything from self ratcheting devices to reheating jackets ect. Miss Bright is more of the conceptual planner and Mr. Cunninghame seems to be the builder and improver. They utilize Mr. Cunninghame’s ability to work materials and Miss Bright’s highly disturbing interest in deadly toxins to create weapons and other gadgets, for no reason other than they were “playing Sillybuggers.”


**Note: Miss Bright happened to have brought the item in question here during the interview. Apparently the parasol is a weapon that uses compressed air from a small tank in the handle to propel a small poisoned pellet at varying speeds. The design is sleek and fashionable enough that our security did not detect it’s potential danger.


Weird Experience:

    Miss Bright is not at all shocked by the idea that Supernatural beings exist. She states that she has met a few beings of such a persuasion in the Outback of Australia. The creatures that she met were beings from Aboriginal legend, namely the Kuritjahs, the Dooligahs and Mimis. She offered this explanation for the three of them.

“Kuritjahs and Dooligahs are hairy blokes. The dooligahs are tall like trees and the Kuritjahs are knee high to a grasshopper. Dooligahs like to eat folk, so the Kuritjahs took the job to stop’em. They trapped Dooligahs in trees and watch over em.”

“Mimis are frightful lil’ Spirits that eat people when they don’t have somethin’ better to offer.”

    One story Miss Bright told was about a Mimi. She was confronted by a “Mimi” when searching for taipen snakes and offered up candied yams for her life.

**Note: After the Interview I took it upon myself to look up these creatures in the archives. While evidence of their actual existence is lacking, reports from the Australian Outpost do contain many references to such creatures.


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