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Moncrieff, Lady Belinda

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Character Status: 
Class / Occupation: 
Gentry, Troubleshooter, Seamstress/Modiste
Weapon of Choice: 
Gatling Pistol and Crossbow
RPG Term Tag: 

The Story Belinda Moncrieff was born on February 10th, 1865 under a full moon. She is the daughter of Raymond Moncrieff, assistant to Alfred de Rothschild at the Bank of England, and Christina, proprietor to Magazin des Modes. Her brother, Beaumont, is three years her senior and can normally be seen in the company of Francis Younghusband. Being in the military, Beaumont has received extensive training in arms and self-defense. As Belinda excels at getting into trouble, Beaumont decided to ensure that his little sister could get herself out of trouble too. She learned as much from her brother as she could, book learning but most especially the weapons training. Belinda is determined to fight for her country, just as her brother has, but the military still will not accept women on the line. For many years Belinda has assisted Christina at the modiste shop, but recently she has taken up a new vocation. About two years ago a woman came into the shop that Belinda assisted with purchasing a full wardrobe. She entered the store late in the afternoon on a foggy day fully cloaked and wouldn't uncover until she was shown to a dressing room. This struck Belinda as curious as there were many new items in the store to peruse. Although she didn't feel that things were quite right, Belinda left the woman with Alice, one of their assistants, trying on a dress, but returned when she heard a strange sound. When she pulled back the curtain she found the woman draped over Alice, biting her in the neck. After a startled moment, Belinda pulled her bodice dagger and threw it at the strange woman before her. The woman threw Alice to the floor and sprang at Belinda. With another knife in hand Belinda fought off the strange woman, who then grabbed her cloak and raced out the door of the shop. Belinda gave chase as far as the shop stoop and watched the creature run to the nearest alley way. Just before the woman reached the deep shadows a passing urchin brushed against her cloak, causing it to pull back. The woman let out a screech and her hand started to smoke. She put on an extra burst of speed and disappeared into the shadows of the alley way. After ensuring that Alice was alright, Belinda sent for Beaumont. He convinced her that there was an agency better suited than the co nstables for dealing with this attack. Recounting the altercation would be Belinda's first interaction with the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. When she asked her brother later why he knew of the group, he related a story of his journeys with Francis Younghusband. Beaumont and Francis have been close comrades since they attended Clifton College in Bristol at the age of thirteen. They had just returned from an expedition through Manchuria, crossing the Gobi Desert and pioneering a route from Kashgar and India through the uncharted Mustagh Pass. As the leader of the expedition, Younghusband was elected the youngest member of the Royal Geographical Society and received the society's gold medal. Beaumont, however, returned with something much more interesting… the lunar curse. This was his entrance into a different regiment that reports to MI7, who work with the MPO. Now, brother and sister work together to defend crown and country from the strange and evil creatures that walk the earth.