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Murphy, Colm "The Iron Irishman"

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Character Status: 
Class / Occupation: 
Lower / Agent
Weapon of Choice: 
Fists of Faith
Personnel Brief: 

Colm Murphy is an Catholic Irish immigrant formerly employed as a dock hand an itinerant boxer.  After an encounter with a belligerent beastman, a unknown series of supernatural powers blossomed within Mr. Murphy, granting him strength and vigor and a apparent need to defend others against evil, a gift Mr. Murphy is reluctant to accept. After a period of observation by the Ministry, he was recruited to make use of his abilities, though his background does merit continued observation.

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Dossier: Colm Murphy, a.k.a. “The Iron Irishman”

Gender: Male
DOB: June 2, 1851, Dingle, Ireland, aged 38
Parents: Donnal Murphy (deceased) and Sioban Murphy née McFinn (51)
Spouse: Elizabeth Mary Murphy née Oliver (35)
Children: Sian (18), Coleen (16), Quinn (13), Mary (8), Tobin (5), William (3)
Address: 13C Holywell St., Hackney, London
Compilation for the Honorable Sub-Minister of MI–7 CB by various agents, under seal


Colm Murphy was born in Dingle, Ireland, the youngest of eight at the height of the Irish Potato Famine. At this time, Colm’s father Donnal had already been forced to work as a seaman on various cargo ships after his family’s farm had collapsed; an injury the older Murphy suffered in 1862 forced the family to relocate to London where they hoped their fortunes would be better. The older Murphy never fully recovered from his injury, and died two years later in 1864, leaving Colm, his mother, and one older sibling (Connal, 3 years older) to fend for themselves.

Colm held jobs mostly at the docks, disliking the sea due to his father’s death but knowing nothing but sea-work. Sometime during these years he picked up boxing. The young man showed a talent for it, though the illicit nature of the matches meant he never earned much money. Similarly, his Irish roots kept him out of more profitable leagues.

Mr. Murphy married Elizabeth Oliver of Hackney in 1870; they apparently met at St. Mary Moorfields. Her family was scandalized and effectively ostracized her, though assistance from a friendly Aunt was gratefully given in securing a flat along the mixed reputation row of Holywell St. (above a reformed book store). Murphy’s dock earnings and small supplemental income was sufficient for a very modest living.

These traits are not sufficient to bring Mr. Murphy to MI–7’s attention. It is the events of September 9 of last year that merit our interest. During one of Murphy’s fights, it appears that one of the contestants was a beastman attempting to hide his affliction. However, the turmoil of the fight triggered a rage in the creature, threatening the crowd. This was when Colm somehow managed to subdue the creature. Witnesses claim he seemed surrounded by a white light and that he was somehow impervious to blows. Murphy just describes a sense of rage and need to protect the crowd and recollects little about the event.

One of our informants is embedded within St. Mary’s, and thus heard of Murphy’s confrontation. Over the next few months, this agent, via Murphy’s confessions, learned of the boxer’s new found drive to protect the innocent from “the nightwalkers,” apparently the Irishman’s generic term for violent anomolants. Murphy also described how his faith seemed to be channeling itself into himself, allowing him to do things he could not before.

With this information, our informant brought Mr. Murphy to out attention. After observation, he was contacted and brought into the fold.


Colm Murphy is a 38 year old male Irishman. He is in peak physical form for his age, though his lack of formal schooling shows. He is also belligerent and not fond of British authority, especially with respect to its relations with Ireland. However, his long term residence in London and his wife’s family temper these aspects; in addition, he disapproves strongly of the more militant revolutionary efforts of his kinsmen, preferring that the British would just leave without violence.

Mr. Murphy’s faith is very important to him, and he believes his abilities are a gift from God to do His work. He is a reluctant servant, however; Murphy seems to resent his calling at times. This is reflected in his drive to drink, which, fortunately to MI–7, does not seem to be debilitating.


Mr. Murphy is a capable hand-to-hand combatant, and his faith given gifts provide him with supernatural might, toughness, and the ability to harm supernatural creatures. It remains to be seen how these gifts will develop.

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