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“No Light Device”

David Sat, 02/09/2013 - 20:20
Game Effect: 

Light, Electrical/Fire trappings.

Flavor Writeup: 

Prepared by MI–7 Office of Special Research (i.e., the Clankertons).

Having read the drivel assessment of one Dr. Littlefield, we have taken upon ourselves to verify the workings of the devices of Master Smythe in the hopes of mass-producing them for Ministry efforts. At this time, we can only verify the workings of the youngling’s devices as their application of science is at this time beyond we can reproduce. Dr. Littlefield’s overall assessment that these devices should not work is, while not accurate, an adequate description—we do not have the means at this time to accurately produce them for general field deployment. One-offs may be deployed, however, by some of our more eccentric engineers.

During Master Smythe’s tenure with the Ministry, we have verified the devices previously examined. In addition to the notes of Dr. Littlefield, we can vouch that the ‘‘fireball’’ attunement to the Phlogiston Excitement Rod and the damage capability of his Defense Apparatus are functioning. In addition, we have observed that the miniaturization his automata is far more advanced than previously thought—at one time, we saw the device become a hulking version of the spider, and another with a weapon mount (though no ammunition). They boy even fancies that he might be able to use some lessons he observed from the unusual constructs from his team’s previous case to create an truly sentient construct, but that remains to be seen.

We have also seen two additional devices of Master Smythe’s that we with to comment upon:


“No Light Device”

This one off device, which Smythe appears to still be tinkering with, combines is work with ultraviolet energy states and Phlogiston excitation. The energy so generated excites the luminescent ether at a radius determined by the device; this in turn, sheds luminant energy upon the inside of the excited sphere. It is, in some sense, a very round-about torch, but one that sets the sky afire. This has two drawbacks, one of which is also an advantage. First, nothing from outside the sphere can be seen until the device from which the power radiates moves close enough—the aflame sky obscures distant objects. Secondly, from the outside, nothing can be seen in: It is only a hemisphere of darkness. Thus, in daylight, usage of this device would call obvious attention to itself. However, in darkness, it does provide a manner of stealth. Warning: Moving from outside to inside and vice versa, while not causing burns, can cause blindness as one passes through the bright lights. 

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