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Armor : Miessen plates

David Tue, 08/06/2013 - 15:35
Game Effect: 

Any armor item with Miessen plates will become useless during combat if damage has three raises in one hit. Player must repair the armor plates before their next mission or you lose the extra armor bonus.

Flavor Writeup: 

Maybauch and Meissen have once again provided the Gentlemen with an outstanding method of protection.  By impregnating alloy into the fine china Meissen is known for, they have produced light plates that can withstand most small arms fire.  While the plates louse most of their strength on the first hit, they are easy to replace.  This allows the army and concerned Gentlemen a much better from of protection over cast iron plates that shatter at the first strike and provide no help should a second shot find the poor fellow.   

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