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Electrical-Autodynamo Defensive Apparatus

David Sat, 02/09/2013 - 20:15
Game Effect: 

 Deflect and Damage Field, separate effects, both Electrical trappings.

Flavor Writeup: 

Prepared by Doctor Erasmus Littlefield, Oxford, under HM seal.

Under of the direction of Minister Holmes, I have investigated the devices and interviewed their inventor, one whelp by the name of Wayne Smythe. I daresay the process was entirely unpleasant, the boy being uppity, uncouth, and pig-headed at matters scientific. And while I was never able to properly activate the items themselves, his explanation of their workings strain belief. However, I can only affirm that they do seem to work under the young man’s control to an astonishing degree. Herein I describe said devices and attempt a rational explanation of their workings.


Electrical-Autodynamo Defensive Apparatus

Dr. Maxwell postulates that light and electricity transmit via the medium of the luminiferous aether. Apparently, Master Smythe has devised a way to charge this medium in a local area, causing an electromagnetic flux to flare intermittently about his person via another complicated device attached to the belt. This flux can skew bullets in flight, shock opponents in melee (causing them to mis-aim), and other similar functions for personal protection. It however seems to overtax itself quickly and thus should be further studied for field application. The boy notes that if tuned further, it may even harm those that come in contact with the field.

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