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Poisoned Throwing Knives

goblin_king14 Sat, 10/12/2013 - 23:18
Game Effect: 

(Version 1) If a victim is Shaken or wounded by a
bite or weapon coated in poison, he must make an immediate
Vigor roll against the type of poison listed on the Poison Effects
Table below. If the poison has a modifier associated with it
(such as Venomous [–2]), the victim’s Vigor roll is modified

Type                                     Failure                                      Success                                                 Raise

Paralysis                   Paralyzed for 2d6 minutes              Paralyzed for 2d6 rounds                  Fatigue
Knockout                    Knocked out for 2d6 hours          Knocked out for 2d6 minutes            Fatigue



(Version 2)  Same as above but AP 1


(Version 3)  Same as version 2 but with gaseous poison.

Flavor Writeup: 

(Version 1)  I've invented a mechanical throwing knife filled with a paralytic poison. The tip is still sharp enough to pierce flesh, but the it is also a button.  Once pressure is applied directly inward from the tip, a spring-loaded mechanism splits the hollow blade around its circumference, loosing the vile liquid into the wound. It's a way to take down any opposition who doesn't necessarily need to die.  There's a bit of a gamble that the wound from the knife may kill the target, so it can only be used in cases where that is an acceptable risk.  Although I might point out that it is a risk that's somewhat mitigated by the fact that the poison will slow the target's heartbeat as it takes effect, reducing the likelihood of bleeding out.

(Version 2)  I've discovered that heavily armored enemies pose a problem with your average throwing knife.  It's very difficult to put enough arse behind a throw to get through much more than thick leather, but I think I've found a solution.  The tanto blades of the orient are prized for their very sharp and very tough tip.  They are used specifically for armor piercing with almost no edge on the blade whatsoever.  It occurred to me to engineer a version of the tanto that's balanced to be thrown, but my previous design would make it impossible for the tip to hold its integrity because the blade would split on contact with the armor.  In this new design, I've offset a hole into the side of the tip with a tube that leads back to a reservoir of poison resulting in something like a projectile syringe.  A carefully calibrated mechanism releases the poison into the blade only once it's been jolted very hard, leading the poison into the newly opened wound.


(Version 3)  I've had a breakthrough today!  The fact that the poison in my throwing knives is liquid at all is a design flaw.  By moving the exit hole of my previous design to the hilt of the blade and replacing the liquid poison with poisonous gas, I can eliminate the need to pierce the flesh at all!  If the knife even embeds in the target's armor--or maybe even if it doesn't--the gas may still enter the target's system and render him immobile!

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