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Rubber Bullets - (Less then Lethal Rounds)

David Tue, 08/06/2013 - 15:27
Game Effect: 
  • Costs £ 0.5 which converts to Target Number 2 per 50 and weighs 5 pounds per 50.
  • Use the same damage as the regular caliber.
  • Drop a 1/4 off the range (12/24/48 goes to 8/16/32)
  • Take away all AP.
  • IFF two aces are rolled on damage treat as lethal.

With any two Aces rolled on damage rolls, the damage converts to Lethal. Not a high chance, but it represents that "oops" factor pretty well.
For example, a guy rolls 2d6 and gets a 6 and a 4. He's good for now. He rerolls the 6 and gets another 6; NOW he's in trouble as the damage goes Lethal.

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