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Spider Automaton

David Sat, 02/09/2013 - 20:13
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Summon Ally

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Prepared by Doctor Erasmus Littlefield, Oxford, under HM seal.

Under of the direction of Minister Holmes, I have investigated the devices and interviewed their inventor, one whelp by the name of Wayne Smythe. I daresay the process was entirely unpleasant, the boy being uppity, uncouth, and pig-headed at matters scientific. And while I was never able to properly activate the items themselves, his explanation of their workings strain belief. However, I can only affirm that they do seem to work under the young man’s control to an astonishing degree. Herein I describe said devices and attempt a rational explanation of their workings.

Spider Automaton

This box apparently covered in metal and gears is attached to a belt. When properly activated, it enlarges to form a spider automaton capable of independent action, usually in defense of its activator. The miniaturization necessary for the creation of this automata is simply astounding. We have been able to create similar constructs, but not anywhere near this size when not deployed. Further study is merited. 

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