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Going to America

Anna Stratton Sun, 10/05/2014 - 22:08

The trip to North America was mostly uneventful. We saw a Zombie Whale Ship that was tracking a French ship, but we deemed it none of our business. Once we arrived in America, we immediately set about being snobbish Brits. After checking into our hotel, we met with our treasury Contact (Who's name is not in my notes). He unwillingly brought us to two banks. 

One bank, called Barthalamews Bank, had narrow windows. The sides of the five story building had no handholds and where made of flat granite. There were big iron gates that surround it. the side alley has a reinforced set of doors that could let a carriage in. Beyond that there seems to be a court yard with guards moving in it.  In the court yard there is a cavernous place that will allow the carriage to turn around after a ten foot tunnel. there is a door that is recessed into the wall at the end. This cavern area is two stories high and has essentially been designed as a kill zone. Each of the four corners house a place where guards may shoot down to the first floor. Through the recessed door is a corridor that leads downward, there is the vault behind two bank doors. The vault is a hallway with five smaller, jail like vaults to either side. The floors outside the jail cell vaults are painted with the owners of the contents. They seem to be reserves for the industry and a few other banks. We are assured that all the guards have shot guns and plenty of ammo. Guards also have the ability to sing the doors in and lock them.

A few counter measures are in place. They have a fifteen feet of concrete around everything in the underground vault. They also have the ability to hear if someone is digging their way into the vaults. 

There is a park across the street with a person. He seems to be reading the newspaper but to our trained eyes he is obviously watching the joint.


The second bank was called Avery's. this bank is in an Area of Finance and Law Offices. The bank itself is in the bottom two floors of an Eight story building. There are Iron bars on the widows, but otherwise it is nondescript. The street is busy, and there is a fire house under renovation across the street. Wayne spotted the light on the third floor corner window of the firehouse. 

From the outside the bank does not look super secure. Inside the bank, the four teller windows have brass bars, and the doors are made of the same heavy brass. The managers offices are upstairs. When we were escorted to the vault, the petty cash portion was filled with an immense amount of cash. Further in, it can be seen that the Vault of this bank is in the floor. A Crane is used to open the door and there are four different locking mechanics for the door. It could be opened by one person, but is far more efficient to be opened by two. 

Inside the vault, the main portion forms an octagon. there are individual vaults on each side of the octagon. Here there are layers of steel and concrete eight fee thick with electrical defenses to keep the vault safe from underground tampering. There is also an alarm that uses the water pressure as a detection system. The bank itself is powered with the city grid and they also has a generator within the building. 

Inside the vaults, our group notices that a few of the bars don't look right. They are a few shades off of the other gold bars. Computer chips were embedded in the gold bars and there are crystals that vibrate as sound hit it. We tracked the shipment as coming from Atlanta two weeks prior. We determined that they were listening devices. 

In the lobby of the bank, there is an elderly guard on duty, but therer are atleast two more guards in the back with shotguns.

Wayne snuck away to investigate the firehouse while he was invisable. He found that the third floor had survey work happening. There were paint spots for the legs on different portions of the floor. there was also a copper wire in a intricate circle laid on the ground. There were plans that stated in engineering notes as well, for the circle as well as the dimensions of the street between here and the bank. Wayne took the plans and distorted the copper wire in several places. 

Taking the bars back to the Embassy, we find that the listening bar reacts to sound when it is placed in water and that the second bar is a transportation spell bar.

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