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Rucus in the Subway (TCD in America)

Anna Stratton Mon, 10/06/2014 - 01:30

We went to Avery's bank, to search for the strange bars. We found a crystal bar and a ripple in the tile taht points toward the subway. 

Two more listening devices  found in the big bank when we inquired there. The Embassy requested that we run the strange bars to their Warehouse, where they had stored the others. When we get there, Nathaniel tries the handle and it breaks off into his hand. He knocks with the bar and the bar tears through the steel door liked tissue paper. He sees that there was a fire fight on the inside of the warehouse. There are random body parts that are scattered around, as well as places where the place was vaporized. We noticed that this place was not unlike the place we house werewolves when they need a place to be on a full moon. In the center of this place there is  a scroll work transportation bar on an eight foot thick bomb deflection.

Upon investigation, Simon finds a desk in the corner next to a weapons rack. On the desk is a log book that states when the bars were taken in. it also reports when the werewolves were released and that he roof top watch had reported a Zombie whale ship coming near the warehouse.

We noticed that the bars were placed throughout the complex in a perfect triangle. To Wayne this looks like a matter Transporter. Amelia ran a note to the Embassy and eventually we all met up there. 

Eventually we made our way past a subway when we were going to one of the banks. There was a police line that was attempting to keep the reporters out. One of the police asked us why we wanted to be down there. Belinda made a remark that we were looking for a member of our party, that was supposed to arrive by train. Simon used his papers to claim to be a Pinkerton agent, because that was what the police man had said was allowed down.  The scene was horrendous. The walls are painted in blood and gore. There are different sized body parts of A lot of people. Almost as if fifteen foot machete had struck out and hit at five different heights all at once. Wayne couldn't get over the scene and was completely dumb struck. The train has crashed as it would in a cartoon. The engine is folded like an acordian and the imprint of what stopped it is forever bent into the metal. Two men are talking in the corner. They pull the "You-can't-be-in-here" routine. Simon tried to claim to be Pinkertons again only to have a gun drawn on him. Slowly, Ameilia pulls her Scotland Yard paperwork and explains that we are here on another matter and saw the commotion. We have experience in this field that they might not. They accepted our help. The Sharpshooter, Hank, mentions something about Amelia being pretty. Lady Belinda says something with "a courting" in it.

Upon investigation, there are scrape marks on the tunnels roof and on the ground. We notice that the scratch marks are bigger than Lord Crichton can manage.  Then we threw some Stooge like stunts to help Wayne get out of his stupor. ​Roars are heard at either end of the tracks. Amelia was pulls out her sawed off shotgun and The Sharp shooter makes with the wise. The other agent uses above methods to keep the civlians away. Hank goes with us.

The tunnel darkens as we go over the train. Inside the train car there is nothing but blood and more gore. Up in front of us, just past the train is a fifteen foot creature that is shoved into a twelve food space. Amelia, being the first to sight the creature gives out a gasp that alerts the rest to the danger. For the most part, the team jumps into the train. Wayne, having been revived with morphine, was slowed. Despite Lady Belinda's efforts, the fireball spit by the creature hits them both. Nathaniel was enraged and used the anger to be brave. He was able to get a lucky strike on the creature and ended the confrontation before it began.


The team heads in the direction of the other Roar that was heard. This creature seemed to be able to travel must faster. While we walk along we enter another station that has two eviscerated people.  Hank claims they weren't paying attention. Crichton has decided it was time to poof so when the light hits, Lord Crichton is werewhipit. He was hoping to get a reaction from the American. He simply says, "uh, I guess ya make'em smaller over there, don't ya?" and walks on. Lord Crichton mumbles about eating Hank under his breath. 

After we continued to walk when we came across armed dead americans with bent guns. Lady Belinda made the off handed comment that Americans were unobservant here. Three hours later we came to a train station when a fireball seemingly came out of the walls. Wayne got hit with the fireballs, thus requiring more morphine. The beast entered into the light and Wayne was stupored again. (Wayne was having a bad day.) Lady Belinda was able to get a shot off. Lord Crichton grew bigger and managed to damage the Creature. This creature was estimated to be eighteen feet tall. Simon shot at it. One shot hit the creature, but the next hit Lord Crichton by accident. 

At somepoint in the fight the Creature stepped back and out of the light. Wayne came to his senses when he could not longer see it and managed to blow up a water main in his haste to attack. Hank surged forward and was also lost to the darkness. We turned off the light and used night vision goggles. We found that Hank could change into a WereBear. He was bigger than Lord Crichton which undoubtedly irked the WereWhipit. Eventually in the haste to be the one that killed the creature, Hank, Nathaniel and Lord Criton are all around the Creature in the cramped space of the tunnel. Lady Belinda begins to have a religious experience in the tunnel and prays that God will help the team. Lord Crichton was able to scrape the Creature vitally without harming his allies and the creature was no more. Wayne becomes afraid again and attacks the group of people in his attempt to harm the now dead creature using his "Cone gun". Most of the team was able to anticipate this sudden fear filled betrayal but Hank was caught unawares and was severely damaged by the blast. However he is still able to walk and talk. He is just extremely unhappy about it. Ada slapped Wayne to keep him from attacking again. Amelia wonders how it is okay for Ada to do it but not the rest of them.

On the way up to the surface, Hank and Lord Crichton change back to human form. Amelia wanted to make sure Hank was okay.   

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